AH LCG: Campaign 03-5 | The City of Archives

WH 40K: Sector Imperialis - 25mm & 40mm Round Bases
WH 40K: Sector Imperialis - 25mm & 40mm Round Bases
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Playing Cards: Bicycle - Mosaique
Playing Cards: Bicycle - Mosaique
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AH LCG: Campaign 03-5 | The City of Archives


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1 - 2
Play Time
60 - 120 Min
14+ Year
4.09 / 5
MJ Newman
Hand Management , Cooperative Game , Deck, Bag, and Pool Building , Role Playing , Variable Player Powers , Action Points
Card Game , Adventure , Fantasy , Expansion for Base-game , Novel-based , Horror , Collectible Components

The City of Archives is the fourth Mythos Pack in The Forgotten Age cycle for Arkham Horror: The Card Game. Following the events of Heart of the Elders, you and your team of investigators have journeyed deep into a series of caverns where a new world lays hidden from the outside world. Strange creatures that cannot be of this world have seemingly lived beneath the shell of the Earth for centuries. They are horrifying to look upon, but are they dangerous? Now within their domain, it may be best to go along with whatever they want, but how much can you trust them, and what might your naïveté cost you? This Mythos Pack features a new mechanism that makes playing this scenario an out-of-body experience, as well as new player cards to customize your investigators' decks. —description from the publisher