AH LCG: Standalone Adventures - Guardians of the Abyss

Mr. Jack (Revised Ed.)
Mr. Jack (Revised Ed.)
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Mr. Jack: London
Mr. Jack: London
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AH LCG: Standalone Adventures - Guardians of the Abyss


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1 - 4
Play Time
60 - 120 Min
14+ Year
3.67 / 5
MJ Newman
Frej Agelii, Borja Pindado Arribas, Dimitri Bielak, Grzegorz Bobrowski, Yoann Boissonnet, Matthew Cowdery, Thomas Denmark, Matt Dixon, Lino Drieghe, Guillaume Ducos, Aurore Folny, Ethan Patrick Harris, Rafał Hrynkiewicz, Aurélien Hubert, Łukasz Jaskólski, Priscilla Kim, Ignacio Bazán Lazcano, Antonio Maínez, Ed Mattinian, Michał Miłkowski, Anna Mohrbacher, Anthony Moravian, Reiko Murakami, Jake Murray, Sebastian Rodriguez, Emilio Rodriguez, Natascha Roeoesli, Angela Sung, Jose Vega, Cristina Vela, Magali Villeneuve, Doug Williams, Andreas Zafiratos
Hand Management , Cooperative Game , Deck, Bag, and Pool Building , Role Playing , Variable Player Powers , Action Points
Card Game , Adventure , Fantasy , Expansion for Base-game , Novel-based , Horror , Collectible Components

Witness the day of reckoning with the Guardians of the Abyss Scenario Pack for Arkham Horror: The Card Game! Called to Cairo to unravel a medical mystery, this pack throws you into the action of the linked scenarios, The Eternal Slumber and The Night's Usurper (both included), first featured at Gen Con 2018 and Arkham Nights 2018, respectively. With 78 beautifully illustrated cards to immerse you in the peril of an investigation that takes you to the deserts of Egypt and beyond, this pack challenges you to determine fact from fiction, wakefulness from dream, and sanity from madness. Step into a realm beyond your imagination and stop an ancient prophecy from coming to pass! —based on description from the publisher To be clear: Guardians of the Abyss is simply a package made up of The Eternal Slumber and The Night's Usurper, nothing less, nothing more.