Avant Carde

Sleeping Gods: Primeval Peril
Sleeping Gods: Primeval Peril
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Avant Carde


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Base Game
1 - 5
Play Time
25 - 35 Min
8+ Year
2.00 / 5
Mary Flanagan, Max Seidman
Ishita Banerjee
Set Collection , Deck, Bag, and Pool Building , Solo / Solitaire Game , Variable Set-up , Matching
Card Game , Number

In Avant Carde, you want to build a collection of stunning cubist artwork. Each player starts with a deck of ten so-so cards: 1s and 2s in six colors that don't match and four high-value cards, each in a different color. Each player draws a hand of seven cards, then puts on the best exhibition possible by matching colors and numbers, e.g. red 11, red 1, purple 1, purple 13. Each card you play earns you $1, and in turn players can buy cards from the gallery stacks: a 2 costs $2, a 3 $3, etc. Once per turn, you can bury a top card in a gallery stack on the bottom of that stack. If you don't spend all of your money and don't already have a change token, take a change token from the bank; it's worth $1 when you decide to spend it. End your turn by discarding all played cards and cards still in hand, then draw a hand of seven cards, shuffling your discard pile when necessary. Six patrons numbered 2-7 are in play, and they give cards additional powers. If you played the most 2s, for example, you have an extra $1 to spend; if you played a 3, you can trash a card from your hand or played area; when you play a 4, you can change either its color or number. Avant Carde includes multiple sets of patrons, and you can use the cards from a single set or mix them. Why are you building this collection? To gain awards! If you earn at least $6, you gain an award, and higher amounts net you more awards. Earning $11 is worth four awards, and while you might wonder how you can earn $11, a 7 patron lets you draw additional cards on a turn and a 5 patron lets you earn an extra $1 for each 5. When the deck of awards runs out, whoever has collected the most awards wins.