Axis & Allies: North Africa

Axis & Allies (Anniversary Ed.)
Axis & Allies (Anniversary Ed.)
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Axis & Allies: North Africa

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Base Game
2 - 4
Play Time
180 - 300 Min
12+ Year
Larry Harris, Jr., Matt Hyra
Dice Rolling , Area Movement , Scenario / Mission / Campaign Game
Wargame , World War II

The fighting in North Africa was unlike any other in World War II. In Axis & Allies: North Africa, you will command the forces of either the Axis (Germany and Italy) or the Allies (the United Kingdom and, eventually, the United States) in a campaign that may again capture the imagination of the entire world. Intercept enemy convoys headed to the ports of North Africa...while protecting your own. Prove your logistical prowess by keeping your forces supplied. Most of all, show your ingenuity as a general, and you may change the course of history and ultimately gain the respect of your opponents. Axis & Allies: North Africa features two scenarios: Rommel's Last Push: The Desert Fox shocked the world when his small Afrika Korps and the Italians advanced to Tobruk and the gates of Cairo. The full 14-round campaign. Operation Torch: The Americans finally arrive in November 1942, squeezing the Axis from two directions, back to their last holdout in Tunisia. A shorter 8-round experience. —description from the publisher