Beyond the Sun - Leaders of the New Dawn

Jump Drive - Terminal Velocity
Jump Drive - Terminal Velocity
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Race for the Galaxy - Expansion and Brinkmanship
Race for the Galaxy - Expansion and Brinkmanship
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Beyond the Sun - Leaders of the New Dawn

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Expansion for Beyond the Sun
1 - 4
Play Time
45 - 90 Min
14+ Year
3.00 / 5
Dennis K. Chan, Joseph Summa
Franz Vohwinkel
Expansion for Base-game

Following the discovery of hyperspace travel in the year 2246, a renewed sense of unity and purpose ripples across the whole solar system. The factions in power need to position themselves quickly to seize this golden opportunity, and strong leadership is necessary to get ahead in the race to colonize the galaxy. Thanks to the Omniweb Engine, a data-mining network that covers the entire population of the solar system, each faction can search with pinpoint precision for candidates with the exact skills and traits they need, both domestically and militarily. Can your faction find and groom leaders with the perfect combination of internal ingenuity and external prowess to rise above the others? —description from the publisher Beyond the Sun: Leaders of the New Dawn expands core game with a new solo mode, asymmetric factions and leaders, and new viable strategies around the planetary area control board.